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Provident Ecopolitan connectivity with other locations in Bangalore is great. It is in BK Halli Road, Bagalur, Gummanahalli, Bangalore. Bagalur enjoys excellent connectivity and has access to major highways and transportation hubs strategically. Its proximity to Bangalore International Airport and well-maintained road networks make it an ideal location for commuters and businesses, contributing to its growing popularity as a thriving urban center.

Bagalur benefits from its strategic connectivity. It offers swift access to domestic and international air travel near Bangalore International Airport. The suburb is well-connected to Bangalore city through major roads like the National Highway 44, making daily commuting convenient for residents. Additionally, the proposed metro rail extension plans promise to enhance connectivity further, reducing travel times and increasing accessibility. Bagalur's connectivity has spurred commercial and residential growth, attracting investors and homebuyers. This prime location, characterized by its accessibility, continues to be a focal point for the region's real estate development and economic opportunities.

Thanks to its exceptional connectivity, Bagalur is becoming a preferred residential and commercial destination. Here's why it stands out as a well-connected hub:

Proximity to Bangalore International Airport (BIA):

  • Bagalur is near Bangalore International Airport, a major gateway for domestic and international travelers. This offers immense convenience for frequent flyers.

Strategic Location:

  • The suburb's strategic location on National Highway 44 (NH44), one of India's longest and busiest highways, ensures seamless road connectivity to Bangalore and other major cities.

Proposed Metro Connectivity:

  • The area is set to benefit from upcoming metro rail extensions, providing a reliable and efficient commuting method to different parts of Bangalore. This development is poised to reduce travel times significantly.

Well-maintained Roads:

  • The suburb boasts internal roads, enhancing intra-city connectivity and ensuring smooth transportation within Bagalur.

Commercial Growth:

  • The excellent connectivity has attracted businesses and industries to shop in Bagalur. This has led to the growth of commercial and employment opportunities in the area, making it an attractive choice for job seekers.

Residential Appeal:

  • The area's connectivity has also made it an appealing residential destination, offering a balanced lifestyle with hold to urban amenities while away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities:

  • Bagalur is home to various educational institutions and healthcare facilities, further enhancing its attractiveness for families.

Provident Ecopolitan Project Highlights
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Aerospace Park, Bangalore
Builder Provident Housing
Floor Plans 1, 2 & 3 BHK
Price Rs. 40 Lakh* Onwards
Total Land Area 12 Acres
Total Units 1000
Size Range 600 - 1400 Sq Ft
Approvals RERA
RERA No PR/110823/006162
Launch Date Aug 2023
Possession Date 2027 Onwards

Bagalur's remarkable connectivity, along with its blend of residential and commercial development, positions it as a dynamic and promising hub in the northern fringes of Bangalore. This strategic location ensures convenience, growth, and a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.

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